Data Migration

Seamless Data Migration: Moving Forward, Preserving Your Data.


Assessment and Planning

  • Current System Analysis: Evaluate the source system (e.g., legacy database, existing software) to understand its structure, data format, and the scope of data to be migrated.
  • Destination System Definition: Define the target system or environment where the data will be moved, considering its structure and data requirements.


Data is extracted from the source system or source files. This involves identifying the relevant data and extracting it in a suitable format for migration.


The extracted data is cleansed and transformed to ensure its quality and integrity. This may involve removing duplicates, correcting errors, standardizing formats, or performing data validation checks.


The cleansed data is loaded into the target system or destination database. This step includes mapping the transformed data to the corresponding fields or tables in the target system.


Once the data is loaded, it is verified to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Data integrity checks and reconciliation processes are performed to validate that the migrated data matches the expected results.

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